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What Greater Life of Fayetteville Offers

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Our Programs

At Greater Life of Fayetteville we believe in and lead educational programs that inspires challenged youth through Art.

Here you will find programs that not only benefit the child, but also encourages and supports the parents.

The Core Values of the organization and programs are Family, Integrity, Trust, Confidence, Respect and Generosity. 


This is a free program offered to families who are seeking an option to bring their child in grades 1 - 8 to a safe and nurturing environment during their time on out-of-school short-term suspension.  Mentoring is a major artery of the program. Youth mentoring works best when goals focus on developing trusting relationships with peers and adults.  Parental involvement is vital and beneficial.


Raising a child takes a village and Greater Life of Fayetteville is here to be a part of that village. Along with programs for the children, GLOF also provides programs and resources for parents.

Our parent programs are designed to help parents

navigate educational, community, and family dynamics. Parents can also receive basic financial information/classes.


The After School Program is offered to youth seeking assistance with homework or assignments. Due to funding requirements, parents must submit the last 3 months of their pay stubs and the students last 3 report cards. All information provided is Confidential and will not be shared with a Third party.



Mentoring is a way to tap into one's development and help promote growth.  The Mentoring Program at Greater Life of Fayetteville is a front line of reducing truancy, out of school dropouts, and parental workshops designed to assist with intervention and preventive tools to help in their child's development. 

virtual learning program

The Virtual Learning Program encourages students to learn virtually from anywhere in the world. Virtual learning ensures remote learners receive effective and engaging learning opportunities as their peers inside the classroom. We create a safe and quiet environment that helps increase engagement and reduce learning friction.

I Am YOU-nique Summer academy (rising grades 1st- 8TH)

I Am You-Nique Summer Academy offers a variety of activities and classes geared towards STEM. Each week youth will be impacted with sessions in Art, Agriculture, Technology, Banking, and Leadership. Youth will also go on age-appropriate and learning field trips, partake in Etiquette, Law Enforcement, Organic Gardening and Creative Dance and Vocal classes.

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