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FTCC Education Center, 225 B STREET, FAYETTEVILLE NC 28301

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Mission & Vision

Our vision and strong belief is that through parental, educational, and community support, we can help to encourage positive behavior and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in our youth

Our Mission

Greater Life of Fayetteville, Inc., (GLOF) is a local non-profit with a mission to provide to parents seeking a safe and nurturing environment, a place for their child who have been placed on out-of-school, short-term suspension, or who are in jeopardy of suspension. GLOF seeks to reduce truancy and the potential  for a youth  not to become future at risk problem to their communities and the cause for increased presentation in the judicial system through incarceration due to poverty.  GLOF seeks to be on the front line of prevention by offering participants training skills such as computer literacy, academic assistance, counseling assistance and referrals, parental support, and methods of intervention, all designed to strengthen students and their family members.

The Greater Life Team has a total of 56 hours of First Aid Mental Health Training.

The Greater Life team consists of:

  • Licensed and Certified Therapist

  • Business Owner

  • Foster Parent

  • Human Resources and Human Relations Specialists

  • Family Christian Counselor

  • Retired Military

  • Educators
    and many more!

Overall we are community advocates

  Offering Our Youth a Greater Life, Our Youth Our Precious Treasure